Frequent Questions

What is The Giving Effect
The Giving Effect helps people find causes in need of non-monetary donations such as clothes, books & food.

What does it cost?
Nothing, this is a free service.

Can I add my cause to your site?
Sure. Create an account, and then follow the prompts. We'll review your cause and add it to our site within a day or two.

I'd like to donate ____ what should I do?
Click "Explore & Donate" at the top of any page and find a cause that needs your item. If they are local you can coordinate a drop of/pickup with them. If not, you can consider shipping the item to them.

Will I get a tax deduction as a donor?
Possibly. You can contact causes through our site and ask them.

How can I help The Giving Effect?
We'd appreciate you mentioning our site to your friends and colleagues.

Other questions?
Drop us a note.

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